Selected Publications

David C. Whitacre, Diego A. Espinosa, Cory J. Peters, Joyce E. Jones, Amy E. Tucker, Darrell L. Peterson, Fidel P. Zavala, David R. Milich. P. falciparum and P. vivax epitope-focused VLPs elicit sterile immunity to blood stage infections. PLOS one: DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.01244856; May 1, 2015

Jeanne H. Schickli, David C. Whitacre, Roderick S.Tang, Jasmine Kaur, Heather Lawlor, Cory J.Peters, Joyce E. Jones, Darrell L. Peterson, Michael P. McCarthy, Gary Van Nest and David R. Milich. Palivizumab epitope-displaying virus-like particles protect rodents from RSV challenge. Journal of Clinical Investigation DOI: 10.1172/JCI78450; March 9, 2015

Frelin L, Wahlstrom T, Tucker, AE, Jones J, Hughes J, Lee BO, Billaud JN, Peters C, Whitacre D Peterson D Milich DR. A mechanism to explain the selection of the hepatitis e antigen-negative mutant during chronic hepatitis B virus infection. J of Virol. 2009; 83:1379-1392.

Byung O. Lee, Amy Tucker, Lars Frelin, Matti Sallberg, Joyce Jones, Cory Peters, Janice Hughes, David Whitacre, Bryan Darsow, Darrell L. Peterson and David R. Milich. Interaction of the Hepatitis B Core Antigen and the Innate Immune System. J of Imm. 2009; 182: 6670-6681.

David Whitacre, Bryan Darsow, Cory Peters, Joyce Jones, Byung Lee, Darrell Peterson, David R. Milich. A Highly Versatile VLP Vaccine Platform Using the Woodchuck Core Protein. The Molecular Biology of Hepatitis B Viruses-International Meeting August, 2008.

Jean-Noel Billaud, Darrell Peterson, Byung O. Lee, Toshiyuki Maruyama, Antony Chen, Matti Sallberg, Fermin Garduno, Phillip Goldstein, Janice Hughes, Joyce Jones and David Milich. Advantages to the Use of Rodent Hepadnavirus Core Proteins as Vaccine Platforms. Vaccine 2007 25(9):1593-606.

Jean-Noel Billaud, Darrell Peterson, Florian Schodel, Antony Chen, Matti Sallberg, Fermin Garduno, Phillip Goldstein, Wendy McDowell, Janice Hughes, Joyce Jones, and David Milich. Comparative Antigenticity and Immunogenicity of Hepadnavirus Core Proteins. J of Virol. 2005; 79:13641-13655.

Jean-Noel Billaud, Darrell Peterson, Margaret Barr, Antony Chen, Matti Sallberg, Fermin Garduno, Phillip Goldstein, Wendy McDowell, Janice Hughes, Joyce Jones, and David Milich. Combinatorial Approach to Hepadnavirus-Like Particle Vaccine Design. J of Virol. 2005; 79:13656-13666.

Milich DR, Hughes J, Jones J, Sallberg M, Phillips TR. Conversion of poorly immunogenic malaria repeat sequences into a highly immunogenic vaccine candidate. Vaccines 2001; 20:771-788.

Schodel, F, R. Wirtz, D. Peterson, J. Hughes, R. Warren, J. Sadoff, D. Milich. Immunity to malaria elicited by hybrid hepatitis B virus core particle carrying circumsporozite protein epitopes. J of Exp. Med. 1994 180:1037-1046.

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